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We make the world's most beautiful computer personal too.

We customised MacBooks for some of the world'€™s biggest DJ'€™s, CEO'€™s and, at some point, the King of the Netherlands.

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We carve out the MacBook'€™s original logo and
replace it with your own, backlit design.

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How it works

We try to make it look simple, but in fact every Uncover is a complex operation involving a number of different expertises.



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How does it work?

We won'€™t reveal our secret sauce because it took a long time to get the recipe right, but suffice to say that we use the fact that there's a gigantic light panel behind the entire aluminium case.

What does the process cost?

Uncovering a MacBook is a costly process and definitely not for everyone. Our costs depend on the complexity of the design, the type of MacBook and the design work required on our side.

How does the process work?

1. We start out with some questions about your design and your MacBook.
2. Upon confirming your order and receiving payment, we will start to make the plexiglass inlay for your design.
3. Once your inlay is finished, we will give you the green light to ship us your MacBook, so we can start working on it right away. We will ship it back immediately upon completion.

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. We have shipped MacBooks succesfully to more than 40 different countries in the past 6 years.

Can it be done with the new Macbooks(2017/2018)?

Yes! We are the only company in the world that is capable to bring back the backlight! We did this for Wordpres, TNW, Automattic, an Ethereum enthousiast and many more!

What happens to my warranty?

Uncover takes over Apple'€™s warranty with a limited 6 Month warranty on the screen. Any screen damage that is caused by the Uncover, and occurs in the 6 months after delivery, will be covered by our warranty.

How long does it take to Uncover my existing MacBook?

The procedure of making an Uncover and replace it on your MacBook will take 4 days plus the time it will take us to receive and return your MacBook, though we have some premium express options available.


Team Uncover

Victor — Inventor
Victor founded Uncover and developed the process by which to customise MacBook with backlight art. He's also co-founded our beautiful Amsterdam-based concept store, Uncover Lab and a totally different company which deals in mystery.
Siem — General Manager
Siem is Uncover's all-seeing eye. He leads the team at Uncover Lab, arranges our PR and always makes sure every MacBook is received and shipped right on time.
Stijn — Business Development
Stijn is our business developer who is responsible for the growth, clients relations and makes sure our website is up to date, if you have any questions or proposals feel free to contact him via mail.
Bart — Head of Production
Bart is a MacBook magician, and master of the mere millimetres between the aluminium backplate and the backlight behind it.